The IEC spends a lot of time building relationships and talking with our neighbors. We are our neighbors. We hear what is important, and we work on those issues. Right now, the community wants activities, places, and supports for families. Northwest Independence needs community spaces with a variety of family activities and outreach opportunities. The IEC desires to serve as a community link between other organizations, new or existing programs, spaces, and people to fill this void. We listen. We get neighbors involved. Together, we accomplish things. Formed in the summer of 2014, the Independence Ethnic Council (IEC) has only scratched the surface of what we are going to do.  We aren’t in this alone! We know that partnerships and working together are paramount to the success of any community endeavor. Though IEC may be the lead partner on many of the initiatives below, other entities and persons must be part of the planning and implementation. And, we partner with other organizations … working together in one direction for the good of our community. Take a look at what our committees are up to right now. Do you want to know more? Call us!


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